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Easy Language Translation Service

The Language Link of Connecticut translates documents quickly and affordably for clients nationwide. Contact us in Hartford, Connecticut, to request our language translation service for your needs and we will be more than happy to translate your documents.

Customized Translations

Medical providers, businesses, government agencies, and individuals nationwide appreciate our fast, dependable, and low-cost translation services. We translate all types of documents into many different languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. All translations are 100% customized to each client's particular needs.

When you work with us, you will receive:

• Free Delivery
• Translations
• Type Setting
• Free Quote
• Certification for Homeland Security
• Fast & Courteous Service
• Proofreading
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Benefits of Our Services

The countless benefits of our translation services include:
• Accurate Technical Translations • Certified Translations Accepted Everywhere

• Approved by the State of Connecticut


Types of Documents

The types of documents we translate include:

• Medical Translations: Certified Medical Translations (ICF, Research, Drugs, & Devices), General Health Care Notices, Hospital Brochures & Programs,
  Patient Education Materials, State Programs (DCF, DSS, Social Services, & DMR), & Women's Programs

• Technical Language Translations: Manuals-Small & Large (Operating, Setup, & Maintenance), Technical Specs (RFP), Patent Translations,
  Consumer Product Instructions, Warranties, & Any Technical Subject of Any Size

• Business Documents: Human Resources, Employee Handbooks, Insurance Policies & Claims, Letters, Faxes, Emails, Newsletters, Announcements,
  & Corporate Accounts Available

• Legal Translations: Requests for Proposals, Contracts, Lawsuits, & Intellectual Property (Patents)

• Individuals: Certified & Notarized, Official Translations, Diplomas & Transcripts, Birth Certificate Translations, Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses,
  Divorce Papers, Passports, Documents for Physician Licensure, Police Reports, & Other Personal Documents

Contact us to take advantage of our affordable and easy language translation services.